Footage of Making It Montreal launch, Feb. 4 2010

Photos and video from the Making It Montreal launch, Thursday, February 4, 2010 at Le Divan Orange in Montreal. The evening began with a 30-minute discussion featuring author Maya Merrick, artist Marc Bell, writer Jesse Staniforth, artist & animator Amy Lockhart, members of folk / roots band Lake of Stew, and musician/ bandleader Tony Ezzy.

Tony Ezzy rocking the crowd.

Tony Ezzy live February 4, 2010, Divan Orange, Montreal

Video copyright 2010 by David Widgington.

Louis Rastelli (center) moderates the discussion with (from left to right) Tony Ezzy, Maya Merrick, Jesse Staniforth, Rick Rigby and Dina Cidric from Lake of Stew, Marc Bell and Amy Lockhart.